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This 17th lesson teaches the comparative form in Swedish. In addition, I am including a vocabulary list about shopping and eating at a restaurant. I will try to give examples using both vocabulary and grammar. That way it will be easy for you to see the words when they are separate and when they are in a sentence. Going through the whole page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, Contact us from the page Swedish Classes.


This lesson includes not only the comparative form but the superlative and the diminutive forms as well. That way you make comparisons, but also you can say what is better and what is worse.

Below is a list of 20 comparative forms that you might come across or use very often. The table contains 3 columns (English, Swedish, and Audio). Make sure you repeat each word after hearing it by either clicking on the audio button or by reading the pronunciation. That should help with memorization as well as improving your pronunciation.

Comparative Form in Swedish

Comparative Swedish Audio
As… as lika… som
Taller Längre
Shorter Kortare
Younger Yngre
Older Äldre
As tall as Lika lång som
Taller than Längre än
Shorter than Kortare än
More beautiful Vackrare
Less beautiful Mindre vacker
Most beautiful Vackraste
Happy Glad
Happier Lyckligare
Happiest Lyckligaste
You are happy Du är lycklig
You are as happy as Maya Du är lika lycklig som Maya
You are happier than Maya Du är lyckligare än Maya
You are the happiest Du är den lyckligaste
Good bra
Better Bättre
Best Bäst
Bad dålig
Worse Sämre
Worst Sämst


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Vocabulary List about Shopping

Below is a list of 18 words related to shopping such as in the supermarket. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to buy many food necessities from the supermarket or the shopping mall without a problem.

Shopping List in Swedish

Shopping Swedish Audio
Can you take less? Kan du ta mindre?
Do you accept credit cards? Tar du kreditkort?
How much is this? Hur mycket kostar det?
I’m just looking Jag tittar bara
Only cash please! Bara kontanter tack!
This is too expensive Det här är väldigt dyrt
Cafe Kafé
Cash kontanter
Cheap billig
Check check
Cinema biograf
Credit card kreditkort
Expensive dyr
Gas station bensinstation
Museum museum
Parking Parkering
Pharmacy apotek
Supermarket stormarknad


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Vocabulary List about Restaurants

Below is a list of 30 words related to eating at a restaurant. Obviously, they will come in handy if you invite someone out to dinner or order something off the menu without a problem.

Restaurant Terms in Swedish

Restaurant Swedish Audio
I’m vegetarian Jag är vegetarian
It is very delicious! Det är väldigt gott
May we have the check please! Kan vi få notan, tack
The bill please! Notan tack
Waiter / waitress! Servitör / Servitris
What do you recommend? (to eat) Vad rekomenderar du? (att äta)
What’s the name of this dish? Vad heter den här maträtten?
Where is there a good restaurant? Var finns det en bra restaurang?
A cup of En kopp
A glass of Ett glas
Black pepper Svartpeppar
Bread bröd
Dessert efterrätt
Food Mat
Fork gaffel
Knife kniv
Menu Meny
Napkin Servett
Plate tallrik
Salad sallad
Salt salt
Salty salt
Soup soppa
Spicy kryddig
Spoon sked
Sweet söt
Table bord
Tip (money for the waiter) Tid (Dagar/månader)
Water Vatten

Fun Facts

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Congratulations! You finished your 17th lesson in Swedish about the comparative form, shopping and eating at a restaurant. Are you ready for the next lesson? We recommend Swedish Lesson 18. You can also simply click on one of the links below or go back to our Learn Swedish homepage.

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