Seasons and Weather in German with Related Phrases

Seasons and Weather in German

In this lesson, we will explore the vocabulary and phrases related to seasons and weather in German . Understanding how to describe weather conditions and discuss the different seasons is essential for effective communication. Let’s dive into phrases that will help you engage in conversations about the weather and the seasons in German .

In German, the four seasons are:

  1. Spring – Frühling
  2. Summer – Sommer
  3. Autumn/Fall – Herbst
  4. Winter – Winter

Phrases about Seasons and Weather in German:

  1. Das Wetter ist heute sonnig. (The weather is sunny today.)
  2. Es regnet draußen. (It’s raining outside.)
  3. Der Himmel ist bewölkt. (The sky is cloudy.)
  4. Es schneit im Winter. (It’s snowing in winter.)
  5. Die Sonne scheint am Morgen. (The sun is shining in the morning.)
  6. Es ist neblig heute. (It’s foggy today.)
  7. Der Wind weht stark. (The wind is blowing strongly.)
  8. Es gibt einen Regenbogen am Himmel. (There is a rainbow in the sky.)
  9. Die Temperaturen steigen langsam. (The temperatures are rising slowly.)
  10. Es ist kühl in der Nacht. (It’s cool at night.)
  11. Der Frühling bringt viele Blumen. (Spring brings many flowers.)
  12. Im Sommer gehen wir oft schwimmen. (In summer, we often go swimming.)
  13. Der Herbst bringt bunte Blätter. (Autumn brings colorful leaves.)
  14. Im Winter fahren wir Ski. (In winter, we go skiing.)
  15. Der Januar ist oft kalt. (January is often cold.)
  16. Im Februar ist es oft verschneit. (February is often snowy.)
  17. Im März erwacht die Natur. (In March, nature awakens.)
  18. Aprilwetter kann wechselhaft sein. (April weather can be changeable.)
  19. Der Mai ist der Monat der Blumen. (May is the month of flowers.)
  20. Im Juni sind die Tage lang. (In June, the days are long.)

I hope these 20 phrases have given you a good foundation for discussing seasons and weather in the German language. Being able to describe weather conditions and talk about the seasons is not only a useful skill but also a great way to engage in everyday conversations. Keep practicing these phrases, and you’ll be able to chat confidently about the weather and enjoy discussing the beauty of each season in German!

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