Phrases about drinks with in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about drinks in Romanian is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Ordering beverages: If you visit a Romanian-speaking country or interact with Romanian-speaking individuals in a café, bar, or restaurant, knowing drink phrases in Romanian allows you to confidently order your preferred beverages. It ensures effective communication with the staff and enhances your overall dining or social experience.
  2. Cultural immersion: Exploring the local cuisine and beverage culture is an essential part of immersing yourself in any culture. Learning drink phrases in Romanian enables you to navigate menus, understand popular drinks, and engage in conversations about local beverages and traditions.
  3. Social interactions: Drinks often play a central role in social gatherings and celebrations. Knowing drink phrases in Romanian allows you to participate actively in conversations, toast with others, and offer or accept drinks graciously during social events or gatherings
  1. Water | Apă
  2. Coffee | Cafea
  3. Tea | Ceai
  4. Juice | Suc
  5. Orange juice | Suc de portocale
  6. Apple juice | Suc de mere
  7. Lemonade | Lămâieadă
  8. Soda | Sifon
  9. Cola | Cola
  10. Beer | Bere
  11. Red wine | Vin roșu
  12. White wine | Vin alb
  13. Rosé wine | Vin roz
  14. Champagne | Șampanie
  15. Whiskey | Whiskey
  16. Vodka | Vodcă
  17. Rum | Rom
  18. Gin | Gin
  19. Cocktail | Cocktail
  20. Hot chocolate | Ciocolată caldă

These phrases will help you order drinks and engage in conversations about beverages in Romanian. Cheers!