Phrases about family in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about family in Romanian can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Cultural Understanding: Family is an important aspect of Romanian culture, and learning phrases about family can help you better understand the values, traditions, and social dynamics within Romanian society. It can give you insights into the importance placed on familial relationships and the roles different family members play.
  2. Communication with Native Speakers: Knowing family-related phrases in Romanian can help you communicate more effectively with native speakers, especially in personal and informal contexts. It allows you to engage in conversations about family, ask questions about someone’s relatives, or share information about your own family.
  1. Familia este importantă pentru mine. (Family is important to me.)
  2. Îmi iubesc familia. (I love my family.)
  3. Am o familie minunată. (I have a wonderful family.)
  4. Părinții mei sunt persoane deosebite. (My parents are exceptional people.)
  5. Sora mea este cea mai bună prietenă a mea. (My sister is my best friend.)
  6. Fratele meu este foarte amuzant. (My brother is very funny.)
  7. Bunica mea gătește mâncăruri delicioase. (My grandmother cooks delicious food.)
  8. Bunicul meu are multe povești interesante. (My grandfather has many interesting stories.)
  9. Copiii mei sunt lumina ochilor mei. (My children are the light of my eyes.)
  10. Soțul meu/soția mea este sprijinul meu. (My husband/wife is my support.)
  11. Mama mea este o femeie puternică. (My mother is a strong woman.)
  12. Tatăl meu este un model pentru mine. (My father is a role model for me.)
  13. Am o relație strânsă cu verișorii mei. (I have a close relationship with my cousins.)
  14. Îmi place să petrec timp cu familia extinsă. (I enjoy spending time with the extended family.)
  15. Când ne adunăm în familie, avem mereu multă distracție. (When we gather as a family, we always have a lot of fun.)
  16. Câtă dragoste există în familia noastră! (There is so much love in our family!)
  17. Avem o tradiție de a ne reuni de sărbători. (We have a tradition of gathering for holidays.)
  18. Ne susținem reciproc în momentele dificile. (We support each other in difficult times.)
  19. Amintirile cu familia sunt neprețuite. (Memories with family are priceless.)
  20. Familia mea este baza mea. (My family is my foundation.)