Phrases about time in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about time in Romanian is essential for effective communication and practical reasons. Here are a few reasons why learning phrases about time in Romanian is beneficial:

  1. Daily Life: Understanding phrases about time allows you to express and understand the current time, enabling you to manage your daily activities effectively. You can schedule appointments, plan meetings, and coordinate your tasks accordingly.
  2. Asking and Telling Time: Learning how to ask and tell the time in Romanian helps you engage in conversations and obtain information about specific times. Whether you’re asking someone for the time or stating a specific time yourself, it facilitates clear communication and avoids confusion.

What time is it? | Cât este ora? It’s 9 o’clock. | Este ora 9.

I have a meeting at 2 PM. | Am o întâlnire la ora 2 PM.

Can you come at 5:30? | Poți veni la ora 5:30?

The event starts at 7:00 PM. | Evenimentul începe la ora 7:00 PM.

I wake up at 6:30 AM. | Mă trezesc la ora 6:30 AM.

Let’s meet at 3:15. | Să ne întâlnim la ora 3:15.

The train departs at 8:45 AM. | Trenul pleacă la ora 8:45 AM.

I usually have lunch at 1 PM. | De obicei, iau prânzul la ora 1 PM.

The concert will be at 9 PM. | Concertul va fi la ora 9 PM.

I will be there around 4:30. | Voi fi acolo în jurul orei 4:30.

We have a deadline at 12 PM. | Avem un termen limită la ora 12 PM.

The store closes at 9 PM. | Magazinul se închide la ora 9 PM.

I finished work at 6 o’clock. | Am terminat munca la ora 6.

They arrived at 7:45 AM. | Au ajuns la ora 7:45 AM.

The movie starts at 8:30 PM. | Filmul începe la ora 8:30 PM.

She’s usually home by 5 PM. | Ea este de obicei acasă în jurul orei 5 PM.

The appointment is at 10:15. | Programarea este la ora 10:15.

I have a class at 11:30 AM. | Am o clasă la ora 11:30 AM.

The bus arrives at 2:20 PM. | Autobuzul ajunge la ora 2:20 PM.