Phrases about the kitchen in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about the kitchen in Romanian can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Practicality: Knowing kitchen-related phrases in Romanian can be helpful if you plan to visit or live in a Romanian-speaking country. It allows you to navigate culinary experiences, interact with locals, and understand menus, recipes, or cooking instructions.
  2. Cultural immersion: Exploring the culinary traditions and local cuisine is an essential part of immersing yourself in any culture. Learning kitchen-related phrases in Romanian enables you to better understand Romanian food culture, appreciate local dishes, and engage in conversations about food and cooking
  1. Kitchen | Bucătărie
  2. Stove | Aragaz
  3. Oven | Cuptor
  4. Sink | Chiuvetă
  5. Refrigerator | Frigider
  6. Freezer | Congelator
  7. Dishwasher | Mașină de spălat vase
  8. Cutting board | Taclă de tăiat
  9. Knife | Cuțit
  10. Spoon | Lingură
  11. Fork | Furculiță
  12. Plate | Farfurie
  13. Glass | Pahar
  14. Bowl | Bol
  15. Pan | Tigaie
  16. Pot | Oală
  17. Mixing bowl | Vas de amestecare
  18. Blender | Blender
  19. Toaster | Tostor
  20. Can opener | Deschizător de conserve

These phrases will help you communicate and understand various objects and appliances in the kitchen while conversing with others or following recipes in Romanian.