Phrases that are needed when going to the doctor in Romanian

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases that are needed when going to the doctor in Romanian can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Medical Emergencies: Knowing these phrases can be crucial in emergency situations when you need to communicate your symptoms or seek immediate medical attention. Being able to convey your needs clearly to medical professionals can help ensure prompt and appropriate care.
  2. Doctor-Patient Communication: Understanding phrases related to medical issues allows you to effectively communicate with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers during regular check-ups, consultations, or when discussing symptoms and treatment options. This can lead to better diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare experience.
  1. Am nevoie să fac o programare la doctor. (I need to make an appointment with the doctor.)
  2. Mă simt rău. (I feel sick.)
  3. Am o durere aici. (I have pain here.)
  4. Am o tuse persistentă. (I have a persistent cough.)
  5. Am febră și frisoane. (I have a fever and chills.)
  6. Mă doare capul. (I have a headache.)
  7. Mă simt amețit/amăgit. (I feel dizzy.)
  8. Am greață și vărsături. (I feel nauseous and have vomiting.)
  9. Am o erupție pe piele. (I have a rash on my skin.)
  10. Am probleme cu respirația. (I have difficulty breathing.)
  11. Am pierdut vocea. (I have lost my voice.)
  12. Am dureri în gât. (I have a sore throat.)
  13. Mă doare în piept. (I have chest pain.)
  14. Am o senzație de arsură în stomac. (I have a burning sensation in my stomach.)
  15. Mă doare spatele. (I have back pain.)
  16. Mă doare dinții. (I have toothache.)
  17. Am diaree. (I have diarrhea.)
  18. Am constipație. (I have constipation.)
  19. Am nevoie de o rețetă pentru medicamente. (I need a prescription for medication.)
  20. Ce diagnostic aveți? (What is the diagnosis?)