seasons and weather phrases in French

Phrases (Seasons and Weather) with audio

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Learning seasons and weather phrases in French is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Basic Communication: Knowing how to talk about the weather and seasons in French allows you to engage in basic conversations with French speakers. It’s a common topic of discussion and provides a way to connect with others on a daily basis. Being able to express your preferences, describe the weather conditions, or plan activities based on the seasons enhances your communication skills.
  2. Travel and Tourism: If you plan to visit French-speaking countries, understanding seasons and weather phrases becomes essential. It helps you prepare for different climates, pack appropriate clothing, and plan your activities accordingly. Additionally, you can understand weather forecasts, ask for directions, or discuss local attractions with locals.
  3. Cultural Awareness: Weather and seasons are closely tied to a region’s culture and lifestyle. Learning weather phrases in French allows you to gain insight into how French-speaking people experience and interact with their natural environment. It helps you understand the impact of weather on their daily lives, traditions, and activities.
English French
It’s nice weather Il fait beau
It’s hot [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Il fait chaud
It’s cold Il fait froid
It’s raining Il pleut
It’s snowing Il neige
There is sunshine Il y a du soleil
There are clouds Il y a des nuages
The weather is overcast Le temps est couvert
The sky is clear Le ciel est dégagé
There is fog Il y a du brouillard
It’s windy Il y a du vent
There is a storm Il y a de l’orage
Spring is coming Le printemps arrive
Summer is hot L’été est chaud
Autumn is colorful L’automne est coloré
Winter is cold L’hiver est froid
Temperatures are rising Les températures montent
Temperatures are dropping Les températures baissent
Leaves are falling Les feuilles tombent
The weather is variable Le temps est variable