Learn Swedish – phrases (to want something)

phrases (to want something)

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In Swedish, the phrase “to want something” can be translated as “att vilja ha något” or simply “att vilja.” Here’s how you can use it in sentences:

  1. Att vilja ha något:
    • Jag vill ha en kopp kaffe. (I want a cup of coffee.)
    • Han vill ha en ny bil. (He wants a new car.)
    • Vi vill ha en pizza till middag. (We want a pizza for dinner.)
  2. Att vilja:
    • Jag vill gå på bio ikväll. (I want to go to the movies tonight.)
    • Hon vill resa till Spanien. (She wants to travel to Spain.)
    • Vi vill äta på den nya restaurangen. (We want to eat at the new restaurant.)

In these sentences, “vilja ha” or “vilja” is used to express a desire or want for something. It can be followed by a noun to indicate the specific thing desired, or by an infinitive verb to express the action one wants to take.

Remember to conjugate the verb “vilja” (to want) based on the subject and tense of the sentence.

Listen to the following examples :

Swedish Sentence English Translation
Jag vill ha en glass. I want an ice cream.
Han vill ha en ny telefon. He wants a new phone.
Vi vill ha en bok att läsa. We want a book to read.
Jag vill resa till Frankrike. I want to travel to France.
Hon vill ha en kopp te. She wants a cup of tea.
Vi vill gå på bio ikväll. We want to go to the movies tonight.
Jag vill ha en stor sallad till lunch. I want a big salad for lunch.
Hon vill köpa en ny klänning. She wants to buy a new dress.
Vi vill ha mer information om resan. We want more information about the trip.
Jag vill besöka museet imorgon. I want to visit the museum tomorrow.
Han vill ha en kall öl. He wants a cold beer.
Vi vill träffa våra vänner på caféet. We want to meet our friends at the café.
Jag vill ha en lugn helg. I want a calm weekend.
Hon vill ha en chokladkaka som dessert. She wants a chocolate cake for dessert.
Vi vill gå ut och njuta av solen. We want to go out and enjoy the sun.
Jag vill ha tid att läsa en bok. I want time to read a book.
Hon vill prata med dig om något viktigt. She wants to talk to you about something important.
Vi vill ha mer utrymme i garderoben. We want more space in the closet.
Jag vill träna på gymmet idag. I want to work out at the gym today.
Hon vill ha en kopp varm choklad. She wants a cup of hot chocolate.