expressions the feelings in Spanish

Learn the expressions of feelings

Learning expressions and feelings in Spanish, or any language for that matter, is important for several reasons:

  1. Effective Communication: Expressing your feelings and emotions accurately is crucial for effective communication. Learning expressions related to emotions allows you to convey your thoughts, experiences, and reactions more precisely, helping you connect with others on a deeper level.
  2. Cultural Understanding: Languages are deeply intertwined with the cultures they belong to. By learning expressions related to feelings in Spanish, you gain insight into the Spanish-speaking culture’s values, beliefs, and ways of expressing emotions. It enables you to better understand and appreciate the perspectives and experiences of Spanish speakers.
English Spanish
I am happy. Estoy feliz.
I feel sad. Me siento triste.
I am excited. Estoy emocionado/a.
I feel angry. Me siento enfadado/a.
I am scared. Estoy asustado/a.
I feel worried. Me siento preocupado/a.
I am surprised. Estoy sorprendido/a.
I feel disappointed. Me siento decepcionado/a.
I am proud. Estoy orgulloso/a.
I feel embarrassed. Me siento avergonzado/a.
I am overwhelmed. Estoy abrumado/a.
I feel grateful. Me siento agradecido/a.
I am calm. Estoy tranquilo/a.
I feel frustrated. Me siento frustrado/a.
I am anxious. Estoy ansioso/a.
I feel in love. Me siento enamorado/a.
I am nostalgic. Estoy nostálgico/a.
I feel relieved. Me siento aliviado/a.
I am discouraged. Estoy desanimado/a.
I feel hopeful. Me siento esperanzado/a.

This table provides a clear overview of the English expressions and their corresponding Spanish translations, allowing for easier reference and learning.