phrases you use when you want to describe your home in Romanian

Вивчайте румунську мову

Using phrases to describe your home in Romanian can be beneficial for various reasons:

  1. Expressing yourself: Describing your home allows you to communicate your personal style, preferences, and living conditions to others. Whether you’re sharing information with friends, potential buyers or renters, or even just practicing the language, being able to describe your home in Romanian helps you express yourself effectively.
  2. Rental or selling purposes: If you’re looking to rent or sell your home in a Romanian-speaking area, being able to describe it in Romanian is crucial. It enables you to create accurate and appealing descriptions for advertisements, online listings, or when communicating with potential tenants or buyers.
  1. My house is spacious and bright. | Casa mea este spațioasă și luminată.
  2. The living room has large windows. | Camera de zi are ferestre mari.
  3. The kitchen is modern and fully equipped. | Bucătăria este modernă și complet utilată.
  4. The bedroom has a comfortable bed. | Dormitorul are un pat confortabil.
  5. The bathroom is elegant with high-quality finishes. | Baia este elegantă, cu finisaje de înaltă calitate.
  6. My apartment has a private balcony. | Apartamentul meu are un balcon privat.
  7. The garden is beautifully landscaped. | Grădina este frumos amenajată.
  8. The dining room has a large table. | Sufrageria are o masă mare.
  9. The house has a covered terrace. | Casa are o terasă acoperită.
  10. The residence is decorated in a contemporary style. | Locuința este decorată în stil contemporan.
  11. The children’s room is cheerful and colorful. | Camera copiilor este veselă și colorată.
  12. My house has an impressive library. | Casa mea are o bibliotecă impresionantă.
  13. The apartment has wooden flooring. | Apartamentul are pardoseală din lemn.
  14. The main bathroom has a spacious bathtub. | Baia principală are o cadă spațioasă.
  15. In the backyard, there is a private swimming pool. | În curte, există o piscină privată.
  16. My house has a hobby room. | Casa mea are o cameră de hobby.
  17. The apartment has access to underground parking. | Apartamentul beneficiază de acces la parcare subterană.
  18. The house is located near a beautiful park. | Casa este situată în apropierea unui parc frumos.
  19. There is a cozy fireplace in the living room. | Există o șemineu confortabil în camera de zi.
  20. The house has a stunning view of the mountains. | Casa are o vedere uimitoare spre munți.