Phrases for the words yesterday – today – tomorrow in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases for the words “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” in Romanian is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Daily communication: These words are fundamental for expressing temporal references in everyday conversations. Knowing how to convey the concepts of past, present, and future allows you to talk about recent events, current situations, and upcoming plans or events.
  2. Time orientation: Learning these phrases helps you orient yourself in time and understand temporal relationships. It allows you to discuss past experiences, describe current activities, and make plans for the future, enhancing your ability to engage in meaningful conversations.
  3. Scheduling and planning: Being able to express “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” in Romanian is crucial for scheduling appointments, meetings, or events.
  1. Yesterday | Ieri
  2. Today | Astăzi / Azi
  3. Tomorrow | Mâine
  4. What did you do yesterday? | Ce ai făcut ieri?
  5. I went for a walk yesterday. | Am mers la o plimbare ieri.
  6. Today is a beautiful day. | Astăzi este o zi frumoasă.
  7. I have a meeting today. | Am o întâlnire astăzi.
  8. Let’s meet for lunch today. | Hai să ne întâlnim la prânz astăzi.
  9. What are your plans for tomorrow? | Care sunt planurile tale pentru mâine?
  10. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. | Am o programare la doctor mâine.
  11. We’re going on a trip tomorrow. | Plecăm într-o călătorie mâine.
  12. Yesterday was a busy day. | Ieri a fost o zi aglomerată.
  13. I’ll see you tomorrow. | Ne vedem mâine.
  14. Today is my birthday. | Astăzi este ziua mea de naștere.
  15. I have a deadline today. | Am un termen limită astăzi.
  16. Tomorrow is a holiday. | Mâine este o zi de sărbătoare.
  17. I finished reading a book yesterday. | Am terminat de citit o carte ieri.
  18. Let’s make plans for tomorrow. | Să facem planuri pentru mâine.
  19. Today’s weather is sunny. | Vremea de astăzi este însorită.
  20. I’ll call you tomorrow. | Te voi suna mâine.

These phrases will help you discuss past events, describe current situations, and make plans for the future using the words “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” in Romanian.