Phrases about cleaning the manor in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about cleaning the manor in Romanian can be useful for several reasons:

  1. Cultural immersion: If you are staying or working in a Romanian manor or country estate, learning phrases related to cleaning allows you to engage with the local culture and understand the responsibilities and tasks associated with maintaining the manor.
  2. Communication with staff: If you have hired Romanian-speaking staff to help with cleaning and maintenance, learning phrases about cleaning the manor in Romanian enables you to effectively communicate your expectations, provide instructions, and coordinate tasks.
  1. Cleaning | Curățenie
  2. Manor | Conac
  3. Dusting | Șters praf
  4. Sweeping | Măturat
  5. Mopping | Șters pe jos
  6. Vacuuming | Aspirat
  7. Polishing | Lustruit
  8. Window cleaning | Curățarea ferestrelor
  9. Organizing | Organizare
  10. Laundry | Spălat de rufe
  11. Ironing | Călcat
  12. Cleaning supplies | Produse de curățenie
  13. Broom | Mătură
  14. Dustpan and brush | Colet și perie
  15. Vacuum cleaner | Aspirator
  16. Detergent | Detergent
  17. Sponge | Burete
  18. Bucket | Găleată
  19. Cleaning cloth | Lavetă de curățat
  20. Trash bin | Coș de gunoi

These phrases will help you communicate and understand the cleaning tasks, tools, and supplies involved in maintaining a manor in Romanian