Phrases about fruits and vegetables in Romanian

Вивчай румунську

Learning phrases about fruits and vegetables in Romanian is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Everyday communication: Knowing the names of fruits and vegetables in Romanian allows you to communicate about food preferences, dietary needs, and shopping for groceries. It enables you to effectively express your choices and engage in conversations related to healthy eating.
  2. Culinary exploration: Learning phrases about fruits and vegetables in Romanian helps you explore the local cuisine and culinary traditions. It allows you to understand recipes, menus, and ingredients used in Romanian dishes, enhancing your gastronomic experiences.
  1. Apple | Măr
  2. Banana | Banană
  3. Orange | Portocală
  4. Strawberry | Căpșună
  5. Tomato | Roșie
  6. Cucumber | Castravete
  7. Carrot | Morcov
  8. Potato | Cartof
  9. Onion | Ceapă
  10. Garlic | Usturoi
  11. Spinach | Spanac
  12. Lettuce | Salată verde
  13. Broccoli | Broccoli
  14. Cauliflower | Conopidă
  15. Lemon | Lămâie
  16. Watermelon | Pepene verde
  17. Grapefruit | Grapefruit
  18. Pineapple | Ananas
  19. Peach | Piersică
  20. Avocado | Avocado

These phrases will help you communicate and identify various fruits and vegetables when shopping for groceries, discussing recipes, or engaging in conversations about healthy eating in Romanian.