Swedish phrases about people

Вивчайте шведську

Learning Swedish phrases about people is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Personal Interactions: Knowing phrases about people in Swedish allows you to communicate effectively in various social contexts. You can introduce yourself, engage in conversations, and talk about others in a respectful and accurate manner.
  2. Social Connections: By learning phrases about people, you can establish connections and build relationships with Swedish speakers. Expressing interest in individuals, their backgrounds, and their experiences helps foster a sense of belonging and understanding.
English Swedish
Person Person
People Människor
Friend Vän
Family Familj
Stranger Främling
Colleague Kollega
Neighbor Granne
Classmate Klasskamrat
Teacher Lärare
Student Student
Boss Chef
Employee Anställd
Customer Kund
Guest Gäst
Partner Partner
Child Barn
Adult Vuxen
Elderly person Äldre person
Person with disabilities Person med funktionsnedsättning
Acquaintance Bekant

These phrases will help you discuss and describe different people in Swedish. Practice using them to talk about individuals, establish connections, and engage in conversations about people in various social and professional settings.