Phrases you need when going to market in Romanian

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases you need when going to the market in Romanian can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Daily Life Communication: Knowing market-related phrases in Romanian allows you to effectively communicate while shopping for groceries, produce, or other items at the market. It helps you ask questions, make inquiries, negotiate prices, and interact with vendors.
  2. Cultural Experience: Visiting local markets is a great way to immerse yourself in the Romanian culture and experience the vibrant atmosphere. Learning market-related phrases enhances your ability to engage with local vendors, understand their customs and traditions, and appreciate the local products and cuisine.
  1. Buna ziua! (Hello!)
  2. Cât costă acest produs? (How much does this product cost?)
  3. Aveți acest produs în stoc? (Do you have this product in stock?)
  4. Pot să gust acest fruct/legumă? (Can I taste this fruit/vegetable?)
  5. Cât costă un kilogram de…? (How much does a kilogram of… cost?)
  6. Ați putea să-mi recomandați ceva proaspăt? (Could you recommend something fresh?)
  7. Pot să primesc un discount? (Can I get a discount?)
  8. Vă mulțumesc! (Thank you!)
  9. Aveți această legumă/fruct în altă culoare/mărime? (Do you have this vegetable/fruit in a different color/size?)
  10. Vă rog să împachetați acest produs separat. (Please pack this product separately.)
  11. Ați putea să-mi spuneți proveniența acestui produs? (Could you tell me the origin of this product?)
  12. Când a fost recoltat acest fruct/legumă? (When was this fruit/vegetable harvested?)
  13. Aveți pâine proaspătă? (Do you have fresh bread?)
  14. Ce tip de ulei recomandați pentru gătit? (What type of oil do you recommend for cooking?)
  15. Pot să plătesc cu cardul? (Can I pay with a card?)
  16. Vă rog să îmi dați o pungă pentru aceste cumpărături. (Please give me a bag for these purchases.)
  17. Aveți produse organice? (Do you have organic products?)
  18. Ați putea să-mi tăiați carnea felii subțiri? (Could you slice the meat thinly for me?)
  19. Ce termen de valabilitate are acest produs? (What is the expiration date of this product?)
  20. Unde pot găsi condimentele? (Where can I find the spices?)