fruits and food phrases in French

Phrases (Fruits and Food) with audio

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Learning fruits and food phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Practical Communication: Knowing how to talk about fruits and food in French enables you to communicate effectively in various everyday situations. It allows you to order food at restaurants, shop for groceries, and engage in conversations related to meals and cuisine.
  2. Cultural Experience: Food is an integral part of culture, and learning about French fruits and food phrases gives you insight into French culinary traditions and gastronomy. It helps you understand the importance of certain ingredients, dishes, and dining customs, enriching your cultural experience.
English French
Apple Pomme
Orange [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Orange
Banana Banane
Strawberry Fraise
Grape Raisin
Pineapple Ananas
Watermelon Pastèque
Tomato Tomate
Potato Pomme de terre
Carrot Carotte
Onion Oignon
Cheese Fromage
Bread Pain
Fish Poisson
Chicken Poulet
Salad Salade
Soup Soupe
Dessert Dessert
Coffee Café
Tea Thé