house cleaning phrases in Swedish

Learn Swedish phrases (House cleaning)

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Learning house cleaning phrases in Swedish can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Effective communication: If you live or work in Sweden, knowing house cleaning phrases in Swedish allows you to effectively communicate with your colleagues, employers, or clients regarding cleaning tasks and responsibilities. It ensures clear instructions, understanding of expectations, and efficient coordination within the household or workplace.
  2. Integration into the community: Learning house cleaning phrases in Swedish shows your willingness to integrate into the local culture and adapt to the customs and practices of Sweden. It demonstrates respect for the language and the people, making it easier to connect with others and build relationships within the community.
English Swedish
Clean the room Städa rummet
Vacuum the floor Dammsuga golvet
Wipe the surface Torka av ytan
Clean the windows Rengöra fönstren
Mop the floor Skura golvet
Dust off Ta bort dammet
Pick up trash Plocka upp skräp
Change the bedding Byta sängkläder
Clean the toilet Rengöra toaletten
Wash the sink Tvätta handfatet
Clean the mirror Torka av spegeln
Clean kitchen appliances Rengöra köksutrustning
Wash the dishes Diska tallrikarna
Unclog the drain Rensa avloppet
Sort the garbage Sortera soporna
Fold the laundry Vika tvätt
Sweep the floor Sopa golvet
Take out the trash Ta ut soporna
Organize cabinets and drawers Organisera skåp och lådor
Clean the oven Göra rent ugnen