Learn Swedish – phrases (Questions – Past tense 2)

Learn phrases (Questions – Past tense 2)

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To form a question in the past tense in Swedish, you can use the auxiliary verb “hade” (had) followed by the past participle of the main verb. The word order for questions is the same as for statements, with the subject following the verb. Here are some examples of questions in the past tense in Swedish:

Swedish Sentence English Translation
Hade du roligt igår kväll? Did you have fun last night?
Var du på mötet imorse? Were you at the meeting this morning?
Hade hon en bra semester förra året? Did she have a good vacation last year?
Gick du på den konserten igår? Did you go to the concert yesterday?
Besökte du din familj i helgen? Did you visit your family this weekend?
Hade ni mycket att göra på jobbet förra veckan? Did you have a lot to do at work last week?
Gjorde du läxorna igår kväll? Did you do your homework last night?
Hade de kul på festen igår? Did they have fun at the party yesterday?
Var du i gymmet imorse? Were you at the gym this morning?
Hade du några problem med bilen igår? Did you have any problems with the car yesterday?

It’s worth noting that in Swedish, the auxiliary verb “hade” is used to form questions in the past tense, regardless of whether the main verb is a regular verb or a modal verb. Here are some examples:

Swedish Sentence English Translation
Hade du kunnat hjälpa mig igår? Could you have helped me yesterday?
Hade du velat ha en kopp kaffe? Would you have wanted a cup of coffee?
Hade du behövt mer tid för att förbereda dig? Would you have needed more time to prepare?
Hade du borde ha bett om tillåtelse först? Should you have asked for permission first?
Hade du fått mitt meddelande? Had you received my message?

I hope this helps you understand how to form questions in the past tense in Swedish! Let me know if you have any other questions.