Learn Swedish (to need – to want to) phrases easily

Learn Swedish (to need – to want to) phrases easily

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Here’s a lesson about expressing “to need” and “to want to” in Swedish:

  1. “To need” – In Swedish, the verb “to need” can be translated as “att behöva.” It is commonly used to express necessity or requirement.


  • Jag behöver hjälp med matlagningen. (I need help with cooking.)
  • Vi behöver mer tid för att slutföra projektet. (We need more time to complete the project.)
  • Hon behöver köpa en ny bil. (She needs to buy a new car.)
  1. “To want to” – The phrase “to want to” can be translated as “att vilja” in Swedish. It indicates a desire or intention to do something.


  • Jag vill resa till Frankrike. (I want to travel to France.)
  • Vi vill lära oss att spela gitarr. (We want to learn how to play the guitar.)
  • Hon vill äta på den nya restaurangen. (She wants to eat at the new restaurant.)

It’s important to note that Swedish verbs are often conjugated based on the subject and tense. Here are the verb forms for “to need” (behöva) and “to want to” (vilja) in the present tense:

  • Jag behöver (I need)
  • Du behöver (You need)
  • Han/ Hon/ Den/ Det behöver (He/ She/ It needs)
  • Vi behöver (We need)
  • Ni behöver (You need)
  • De behöver (They need)
  • Jag vill (I want to)
  • Du vill (You want to)
  • Han/ Hon/ Den/ Det vill (He/ She/ It wants to)
  • Vi vill (We want to)
  • Ni vill (You want to)
  • De vill (They want to)

Practice forming sentences with “to need” and “to want to” in Swedish, and feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

Listen to the following examples :

Swedish Sentence English Translation
Jag behöver köpa mat. I need to buy food.
Hon behöver hjälp med läxorna. She needs help with her homework.
Vi behöver sova mer. We need to sleep more.
Han vill resa till Spanien. He wants to travel to Spain.
Jag vill lära mig ett nytt språk. I want to learn a new language.
Hon vill köpa en ny telefon. She wants to buy a new phone.
Vi behöver städa huset idag. We need to clean the house today.
Jag vill gå ut och promenera. I want to go out for a walk.
Hon behöver ringa sin mamma. She needs to call her mom.
Vi vill äta middag på restaurangen ikväll. We want to have dinner at the restaurant tonight.