Yesterday – today – tomorrow phrases in French

Learn the phrases (Yesterday – today – tomorrow)

Learning the phrases “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Basic Communication: These phrases are fundamental to everyday conversations. Being able to express when something happened or will happen allows you to communicate effectively and understand others in various situations.
  2. Verb Conjugation: Learning these time expressions is crucial for understanding and using verb tenses correctly in French. Each tense in French has its own conjugation rules, and knowing when an action occurred or will occur helps determine which tense to use.
  3. Narrating Events: Whether you’re talking about your own experiences, discussing a book or movie, or simply engaging in small talk, being able to refer to specific points in time is essential. By using “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow,” you can situate events in a clear temporal context.
  4. Making Plans: When discussing future plans or arrangements, it’s necessary to use the appropriate temporal references. Understanding how to express “tomorrow” or “next week” allows you to organize your schedule, make appointments, and coordinate with others effectively.
English French
Yesterday Hier
Today [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Aujourd’hui
Tomorrow Demain
The day before yesterday Avant-hier
The day after tomorrow Après-demain
Yesterday morning Hier matin
Today afternoon Aujourd’hui après-midi
Tomorrow evening Demain soir
Yesterday night Hier soir
Today’s date La date d’aujourd’hui
Tomorrow morning Demain matin
Yesterday’s events Les événements d’hier
Today’s weather La météo d’aujourd’hui
Tomorrow’s plans Les projets de demain
Yesterday’s news Les nouvelles d’hier
Today’s schedule L’emploi du temps d’aujourd’hui
Tomorrow’s appointment Le rendez-vous de demain
Yesterday’s conversation La conversation d’hier
Today’s lesson La leçon d’aujourd’hui
Tomorrow’s deadline La date limite de demain