Past phrases in French

Phrases (actions in the past 1)

Learning past phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Communication: Knowing how to express past events and actions allows you to communicate effectively in various situations. Being able to talk about what happened, describe past experiences, and share personal narratives in the past tense enhances your ability to express yourself in French.
  2. Understanding Written and Spoken French: The ability to comprehend past phrases is crucial for understanding written texts, such as literature, historical accounts, and news articles, which often discuss events that have already occurred. It also helps you follow conversations or narratives in movies, TV shows, or podcasts.
English French
I went to the park yesterday. Je suis allé(e) au parc hier.
She studied French for three years. [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Elle a étudié le français pendant trois ans.
We visited the museum last week. Nous avons visité le musée la semaine dernière.
They watched a movie last night. Ils ont regardé un film hier soir.
He traveled to Spain two months ago. Il a voyagé en Espagne il y a deux mois.
She cooked dinner yesterday. Elle a cuisiné le dîner hier.
We finished the project last month. Nous avons terminé le projet le mois dernier.
They celebrated their anniversary last weekend. Ils ont célébré leur anniversaire le week-end dernier.
I read a book this morning. J’ai lu un livre ce matin.
She played the piano when she was younger. Elle jouait du piano quand elle était plus jeune.
We met our friends at the café yesterday. Nous avons rencontré nos amis au café hier.
They went skiing during the winter. Ils sont allés faire du ski pendant l’hiver.
He lived in Paris for five years. Il a vécu à Paris pendant cinq ans.
She bought a new car last year. Elle a acheté une nouvelle voiture l’année dernière.
We attended a concert last night. Nous avons assisté à un concert hier soir.
They finished their homework before dinner. Ils ont terminé leurs devoirs avant le dîner.
I traveled to Italy in the summer. J’ai voyagé en Italie pendant l’été.
She wrote a letter to her friend yesterday. Elle a écrit une lettre à son ami hier.
We went hiking in the mountains last weekend. Nous avons fait de la randonnée en montagne le week-end dernier.
They studied French literature in college. Ils ont étudié la littérature française à l’université.