Giving reasons in French

Learn French phrases (giving reasons 2)

Learning how to Giving reasons in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Effective Communication: Being able to provide reasons and justifications in French enhances your communication skills. It allows you to express your thoughts, opinions, and arguments in a clear and logical manner, making your communication more effective and persuasive.
  2. Critical Thinking: Learning Giving reasons in French encourages critical thinking skills. It requires you to analyze information, evaluate different perspectives, and form well-supported opinions. This skill extends beyond language learning and is valuable in various aspects of life.
Why didn’t you come?
I was ill.
I didn’t come because I was ill.
Why didn’t she come?
She was tired.
She didn’t come because she was tired.
Why didn’t he come?
He wasn’t interested.
He didn’t come because he wasn’t interested.
Why didn’t you come?
Our car is damaged.
We didn’t come because our car is damaged.
Why didn’t the people come?
They missed the train.
They didn’t come because they missed the train.
Why didn’t you come?
I was not allowed to.
I didn’t come because I was not allowed to.