possessive adjectives phrases in French

Learn French phrases (Possessive Adjectives 1)

Learning possessive adjectives in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Ownership and Relationships: Possessive adjectives allow you to express ownership and relationships between people and objects. They indicate who possesses or owns something, providing clarity and specificity in communication. For example:
    • C’est mon livre. (It’s my book.)
    • Sa voiture est rapide. (His/Her car is fast.)
  2. Describing and Identifying: Possessive adjectives help describe and identify objects, emphasizing their connection to a particular person. They enable you to indicate possession and attribute characteristics to the possessed item. For example:
    • J’aime ta robe. (I like your dress.)
    • Leur maison est grande. (Their house is big.)
English French (Masculine Singular) French (Feminine Singular) French (Plural)
My book Mon livre [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Ma livre [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Mes livres
Your house [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Ton maison Ta maison Tes maisons
His car Son voiture Sa voiture Ses voitures
Her cat Son chat Sa chat Ses chats
Our dog Notre chien Notre chienne Nos chiens
Your (plural) pens Vos stylos Vos stylos Vos stylos
Their garden Leur jardin Leur jardin Leur jardin
My parents Mes parents Mes parents Mes parents
Your (singular) friend Ton ami Ta amie Tes amis
His sister Son sœur Sa sœur Ses sœurs
Her house Sa maison Sa maison Ses maisons
Our car Notre voiture Notre voiture Nos voitures
Your (plural/formal) office Votre bureau Votre bureau Vos bureaux
Their cat Leur chat Leur chat Leurs chats
My teacher Mon professeur Ma professeure Mes professeurs
Your (singular) book Ton livre Ta livre Tes livres
His dog Son chien Son chienne Ses chiens
Her parents Ses parents Ses parents Ses parents
Our house Notre maison Notre maison Nos maisons
Your (plural) friends Vos amis Vos amies Vos amis
Their car Leur voiture Leur voiture Leurs voitures

These phrases demonstrate the usage of possessive adjectives in French, showing how they agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify. Practice using these phrases to become more proficient in expressing ownership and relationships in French.