phrases you use in House cleaning in French

Learn the phrases you use (in House cleaning)

Learning phrases related to house cleaning in French can be useful in several situations:

  1. Communication with Service Providers: If you hire professional cleaners or maintenance personnel who speak French, knowing house cleaning phrases enables you to effectively communicate your cleaning needs and expectations. You can discuss specific tasks, areas to focus on, and any special instructions.
  2. Cleaning and Organizing Your Own Home: Understanding house cleaning phrases in French helps you communicate about household chores, cleaning routines, and organizing tasks within your own home. It allows you to discuss cleaning schedules, delegate tasks among family members or housemates, and maintain a clean and organized living environment.
English Phrase French Translation
Clean the kitchen Nettoyez la cuisine
Vacuum the carpets [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Passez l’aspirateur sur les tapis
Dust the furniture Dépoussiérez les meubles
Mop the floors Lavez le sol
Wash the dishes Lavez la vaisselle
Empty the trash Videz la poubelle
Wipe the countertops Essuyez les plans de travail
Sweep the floor Balayez le sol
Clean the windows Nettoyez les fenêtres
Change the bed sheets Changez les draps
Scrub the bathroom Frottez la salle de bains
Organize the closet Organisez le placard
Dust the shelves Dépoussiérez les étagères
Polish the mirrors Faites briller les miroirs
Wash the laundry Faites la lessive
Disinfect the surfaces Désinfectez les surfaces
Clean the oven Nettoyez le four
Remove stains Enlevez les taches
Sweep the porch Balayez le porche
Clean the refrigerator Nettoyez le réfrigérateur
Wipe down the appliances Essuyez les appareils électroménagers