activities phrases in French

Learn phrases (Activities) with audio

Learning activities phrases in French can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Communication: Knowing how to talk about activities in French allows you to express yourself more effectively when discussing your daily routine, hobbies, and interests with French-speaking individuals. It enhances your ability to engage in conversations, make plans, and talk about past, present, and future activities.
  2. Cultural immersion: Learning activities phrases in French provides insight into French culture and daily life. French people often prioritize leisure activities and have a rich tradition of art, sports, and outdoor pursuits. Understanding the related vocabulary allows you to appreciate and participate in these cultural activities when you visit or interact with French speakers.
English French
I am swimming Je fais de la natation
We are hiking Nous faisons de la randonnée
They are dancing Ils/Elles dansent
He is reading Il lit
She is painting Elle peint
We are playing soccer Nous jouons au football
They are cooking Ils/Elles cuisinent
I am watching a movie Je regarde un film
We are camping Nous faisons du camping
He is playing guitar Il joue de la guitare
She is running Elle court
They are shopping Ils/Elles font du shopping
I am writing J’écris
We are gardening Nous faisons du jardinage
He is skiing Il fait du ski
She is singing Elle chante
They are playing chess Ils/Elles jouent aux échecs
I am cycling Je fais du vélo
We are cooking Nous cuisinons
He is fishing Il pêche