adjectives in French

Phrases (Adjectives 3) with audio

Learning adjectives in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Describing and expressing opinions: Adjectives allow you to describe people, places, objects, and situations in more detail. They help you convey specific qualities, characteristics, or attributes of something or someone. By learning adjectives, you can express your opinions, preferences, and judgments in a more nuanced way.
  2. Enhancing communication: Adjectives enrich your vocabulary and provide additional information that can enhance your communication skills. They help you paint a more vivid picture, evoke emotions, and create a more engaging and descriptive conversation or written text.

Here are 20 adjective phrases in French:

  1. Très intelligent(e) – Very intelligent
  2. Belle maison – Beautiful house
  3. Grand arbre – Tall tree
  4. Petite voiture – Small car
  5. Bonne idée – Good idea
  6. Mauvais temps – Bad weather
  7. Jeune fille – Young girl
  8. Vieux chien – Old dog
  9. Jolie fleur – Pretty flower
  10. Nouveau livre – New book
  11. Délicieux repas – Delicious meal
  12. Intéressant sujet – Interesting topic
  13. Calme soirée – Quiet evening
  14. Fou rire – Crazy laughter
  15. Sérieux problème – Serious problem
  16. Heureux événement – Happy event
  17. Triste nouvelle – Sad news
  18. Chaud café – Hot coffee
  19. Froid hiver – Cold winter
  20. Beau paysage – Beautiful landscape

These phrases demonstrate different adjectives used to describe various nouns, ranging from people and objects to places and situations. Remember that in French, adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify.