numbers phrases in French

Learn French phrases (numbers)

Learning numbers phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Basic Communication: Numbers are essential for everyday communication. They allow you to express quantities, give or ask for prices, talk about ages, and discuss numerical information in various contexts. Understanding numbers in French enables you to engage in basic conversations and understand numerical references.
  2. Counting and Quantifying: Knowing numbers in French allows you to count objects, people, or occurrences. It helps you quantify and describe the world around you accurately. Whether you’re counting items in a store, indicating a specific quantity, or discussing numerical data, understanding numbers is essential.
English French
Zero Zéro
One Un
Two Deux
Three Trois
Four Quatre
Five Cinq
Six Six
Seven Sept
Eight Huit
Nine Neuf
Ten Dix
Eleven Onze
Twelve Douze
Twenty Vingt
Thirty Trente
Forty Quarante
Fifty Cinquante
Sixty Soixante
Seventy Soixante-dix
Eighty Quatre-vingts