to have to do something phrases in French

Phrases (to have to do something / must) in French

Learning how to use “to have to do something” phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Expressing Obligation: “To have to do something” phrases allow you to express obligations and requirements in French. They help you communicate what you must or need to do in various situations, such as following rules, meeting deadlines, or fulfilling responsibilities.
  2. Practical Communication: Understanding how to use “to have to do something” phrases enables you to engage in practical communication in French. It allows you to ask for or provide instructions, convey necessary actions, and understand obligations or expectations in different contexts.
English French
I have to study for the exam. Je dois étudier pour l’examen.
We have to wake up early tomorrow. [responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Nous devons nous réveiller tôt demain.
He has to finish his homework. Il doit finir ses devoirs.
They have to attend the meeting. Ils doivent assister à la réunion.
She has to pay the bill. Elle doit payer l’addition.
You have to be on time. Tu dois être à l’heure.
We have to take care of the children. Nous devons nous occuper des enfants.
They have to complete the project by Friday. Ils doivent terminer le projet d’ici vendredi.
I have to go to the grocery store. Je dois aller au supermarché.
She has to call her parents. Elle doit appeler ses parents.
He has to work late tonight. Il doit travailler tard ce soir.
We have to make a reservation. Nous devons faire une réservation.
You have to speak French fluently. Vous devez parler français couramment.
They have to take the bus to school. Ils doivent prendre le bus pour aller à l’école.
She has to clean her room. Elle doit nettoyer sa chambre.
We have to submit the report by Monday. Nous devons soumettre le rapport d’ici lundi.
He has to apologize for his behavior. Il doit s’excuser pour son comportement.
They have to follow the rules. Ils doivent suivre les règles.
You have to exercise regularly. Tu dois faire de l’exercice régulièrement.
I have to attend the appointment. Je dois assister au rendez-vous.