feelings phrases in French

Learn phrases (Feelings) with audio

Learning feelings phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Self-Expression: Knowing feelings phrases in French allows you to express your emotions and inner states accurately. It enables you to communicate your feelings and thoughts to others, whether in casual conversations, personal relationships, or more formal settings.
  2. Emotional Awareness: Learning feelings phrases in French enhances your emotional awareness and vocabulary. It helps you recognize and understand your own emotions better, which is essential for self-reflection, personal growth, and building emotional intelligence.
French English
Je suis heureux/heureuse. I am happy.
[responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Je suis triste. I am sad.
Je suis en colère. I am angry.
Je suis surpris(e). I am surprised.
Je suis excité(e). I am excited.
Je suis déçu(e). I am disappointed.
Je suis anxieux/anxieuse. I am anxious.
Je suis stressé(e). I am stressed.
Je suis détendu(e). I am relaxed.
Je suis nerveux/nerveuse. I am nervous.
Je suis confus(e). I am confused.
Je suis fier/fière. I am proud.
Je suis reconnaissant(e). I am grateful.
Je suis amoureux/amoureuse. I am in love.
Je suis déprimé(e). I am depressed.
Je suis épuisé(e). I am exhausted.
Je suis inspiré(e). I am inspired.
Je suis dégoûté(e). I am disgusted.
Je suis inquiet/inquiète. I am worried.
Je suis ennuyé(e). I am bored.
Je suis émerveillé(e). I am amazed.

These phrases cover a range of emotions and feelings in French. They can be used to express how you feel or to inquire about someone else’s emotional state.