color phrases in French

phrases (Colors) with audio

Learning color phrases in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Communication: Colors are an essential aspect of daily communication. Knowing color phrases in French allows you to describe objects, express preferences, and understand color-related information in various contexts.
  2. Art and Design: If you have an interest in art, fashion, or design, learning color phrases in French is crucial. It enables you to discuss color schemes, describe artwork, and engage in conversations about aesthetic choices.

Here are 20 color phrases in French:

English Phrase French Translation
Red Rouge
Blue Bleu
Yellow Jaune
Green Vert
Orange Orange
Purple Violet
Pink Rose
Brown Marron
Black Noir
White Blanc
Gray Gris
Gold Or
Silver Argent
Beige Beige
Turquoise Turquoise
Navy Blue Bleu marine
Light Green Vert clair
Dark Brown Marron foncé
Sky Blue Bleu ciel
Coral Corail

These phrases will help you describe and identify various colors in French, allowing you to discuss colors, describe objects, and express your preferences accurately.