to need – to want to phrases in French

Phrases (to need – to want to) in French

Learning to use phrases like “need to” and “want to” in French is important because they allow you to express your desires, intentions, and obligations. These phrases are part of everyday communication and help you express what you need or want to do in various situations. Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to learn these phrases in French:

  1. Expressing obligations: Knowing how to use “need to” in French helps you communicate tasks or actions that you must do. For example:
    • J’ai besoin de faire mes devoirs. (I need to do my homework.)
    • Il faut que je parte maintenant. (I have to leave now.)
  2. Communicating desires: Understanding how to express “want to” in French allows you to convey your preferences and wishes. For example:
    • Je veux apprendre le français. (I want to learn French.)
    • Nous voulons aller au cinéma ce soir. (We want to go to the cinema tonight.)
English French
I need to study. J’ai besoin d’étudier.
We need to leave. [responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Nous devons partir.
She needs to call him. Elle doit l’appeler.
They need to buy groceries. Ils doivent faire les courses.
He wants to learn French. Il veut apprendre le français.
We want to go on vacation. Nous voulons partir en vacances.
She wants to eat pizza. Elle veut manger de la pizza.
They want to watch a movie. Ils veulent regarder un film.
I need to rest. J’ai besoin de me reposer.
We need to finish the project. Nous devons terminer le projet.
He needs to see a doctor. Il doit voir un médecin.
They need to book a hotel. Ils doivent réserver un hôtel.
She wants to meet you. Elle veut te rencontrer.
We want to learn how to cook. Nous voulons apprendre à cuisiner.
I need to buy groceries. J’ai besoin d’acheter des courses.
They need to study for the exam. Ils doivent étudier pour l’examen.
He wants to travel the world. Il veut voyager à travers le monde.
She wants to visit Paris. Elle veut visiter Paris.
We need to find a solution. Nous devons trouver une solution.
They want to start a business. Ils veulent démarrer une entreprise.
I need to make a phone call. J’ai besoin de passer un coup de fil.

These phrases will help you express various needs and desires in French. Remember to practice using them in context to improve your language skills.