months phrases in France

Learn the phrases (Months)

Learning months phrases in French is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Calendar and scheduling: Knowing the months in French allows you to understand and navigate calendars, schedules, and appointments in French-speaking countries. It helps you plan and organize your activities, make reservations, and stay on top of important dates.
  2. Communication: Being able to express and understand months in French enhances your ability to communicate effectively when discussing dates, birthdays, anniversaries, and other time-related events. It allows you to engage in conversations about specific months, seasons, and timeframes.
English French
January Janvier
February Février
March Mars
April Avril
May Mai
June Juin
July Juillet
August Août
September Septembre
October Octobre
November Novembre
December Décembre
The first month Le premier mois
The last month Le dernier mois
The current month Le mois en cours
Next month Le mois prochain
Previous month Le mois précédent
Spring Printemps
Summer Été
Autumn/Fall Automne
Winter Hiver