Subordinate clauses: that phrases in French

Phrases (Subordinate clauses: that 2)

Learning subordinate clauses and “that” phrases in French (subordonnées complétives introduites par “que”) is important for several reasons:

  1. Sentence Structure: Subordinate clauses are used to create more complex sentence structures by adding additional information or expressing relationships between ideas. Understanding and using subordinate clauses in French allows you to construct more sophisticated and nuanced sentences.
  2. Clarity and Precision: Subordinate clauses help clarify the relationship between different parts of a sentence. They allow you to provide explanations, give reasons, express opinions, or provide additional details in a more precise and organized manner.
  1. Je pense que tu as raison. (I think that you are right.)
  2. Il dit que la réunion est annulée. (He says that the meeting is canceled.)
  3. Elle sait que nous avons besoin d’aide. (She knows that we need help.)
  4. Je suis content(e) que tu sois là. (I am glad that you are here.)
  5. Il est important que nous travaillions ensemble. (It is important that we work together.)
  6. Je suis sûr(e) que cela va marcher. (I am sure that it will work.)
  7. Elle espère que son rêve se réalisera. (She hopes that her dream will come true.)
  8. Il est nécessaire que nous prenions des mesures. (It is necessary that we take action.)
  9. Je crois que nous devrions partir maintenant. (I believe that we should leave now.)
  10. Il est évident que tu as fait de ton mieux. (It is evident that you did your best.)
  11. Elle prétend que tout va bien. (She claims that everything is fine.)
  12. Je suis ravi(e) que tu aies réussi. (I am delighted that you succeeded.)
  13. Il est dommage que nous ayons perdu. (It is a shame that we lost.)
  14. Elle trouve que c’est une excellente idée. (She thinks that it is an excellent idea.)
  15. Il est essentiel que nous respections les règles. (It is essential that we follow the rules.)
  16. Je suis convaincu(e) que nous trouverons une solution. (I am convinced that we will find a solution.)
  17. Elle doute que cela fonctionne. (She doubts that it will work.)
  18. Il est préférable que nous attendions un peu. (It is preferable that we wait a bit.)
  19. Je trouve que c’est une situation difficile. (I find that it is a challenging situation.)
  20. Il est incroyable que tu aies accompli tout cela. (It is incredible that you have achieved all of this.)

These examples demonstrate the use of subordinate clauses with “that” phrases in French, providing a variety of contexts and expressions.