phrases you use in the swimming pool in French

Learn phrases you use (In the swimming pool)

Learning phrases used in the swimming pool in French is important for several reasons:

  1. Safety and Communication: Knowing swimming pool phrases in French helps ensure your safety and the safety of others. It allows you to understand safety instructions, communicate with lifeguards or pool staff, and follow rules and guidelines specific to swimming pools.
  2. Travel and Recreation: If you are visiting a French-speaking country and plan to use swimming facilities, learning pool phrases in French enables you to navigate swimming pool environments more effectively. It helps you ask for information about pool hours, locker rooms, swimming lessons, or equipment rental.
French English
Où sont les vestiaires ? Where are the changing rooms?
[responsivevoice voice="French Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Combien coûte l’entrée ? How much does entry cost?
Puis-je louer un maillot de bain ? Can I rent a swimsuit?
Est-ce que la piscine est ouverte ? Is the pool open?
Quelles sont les heures d’ouverture ? What are the opening hours?
Je voudrais acheter un bonnet de bain. I would like to buy a swim cap.
Où puis-je prendre une douche ? Where can I take a shower?
Est-ce que je peux utiliser ce matelas ? Can I use this float?
À quelle profondeur est la piscine ? What is the depth of the pool?
Est-ce que je peux nager ici ? Can I swim here?
Je vais prendre un cours de natation. I am going to take a swimming lesson.
Je vais nager quelques longueurs. I am going to swim some laps.
Où puis-je trouver des lunettes de natation ? Where can I find swimming goggles?
Est-ce que le plongeoir est ouvert ? Is the diving board open?
Je voudrais m’inscrire à une compétition. I would like to register for a competition.
Pouvez-vous surveiller mes affaires ? Can you watch my belongings?
Y a-t-il des cours d’aquagym aujourd’hui ? Are there any water aerobics classes today?
Est-ce que je peux utiliser le toboggan ? Can I use the water slide?
Je me sens fatigué(e), je vais me reposer. I feel tired, I am going to rest.
Attention, la profondeur change brusquement. Caution, the depth changes suddenly.
Je vais faire des exercices de natation. I am going to do swimming exercises.