Read about journalism and media in German


In today’s lesson, we will delve into the intriguing world of journalism and media, all while learning German. This subject is not only central to how we understand the world around us but also plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and democracy. As we explore 20 key phrases related to journalism and the media, you’ll gain insights into how to discuss news, reports, and media ethics in German. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist, a media enthusiast, or simply keen on expanding your German vocabulary in this area, this lesson is tailored for you.

German Phrases on Journalism and the Media

  1. Der Journalismus – Journalism
  2. Die Medien – The media
  3. Die Zeitung – The newspaper
  4. Der Bericht – The report
  5. Die Nachrichten (pl.) – The news
  6. Der Artikel – The article
  7. Die Schlagzeile – The headline
  8. Der Nachrichtensprecher / Die Nachrichtensprecherin – The news anchor (male/female)
  9. Die Pressefreiheit – Press freedom
  10. Der Kommentar – The comment
  11. Die Reportage – The reportage
  12. Das Interview – The interview
  13. Die Redaktion – The editorial team
  14. Der Verleger / Die Verlegerin – The publisher (male/female)
  15. Die Auflage – The circulation
  16. Das Feature – The feature
  17. Die Untersuchung – The investigation
  18. Die Ethik – The ethics
  19. Die Meinungsfreiheit – Freedom of opinion
  20. Die Online-Medien – Online media

Practice Sentences

  • Die Zeitung hat eine hohe Auflage. (The newspaper has a high circulation.)
  • Der Bericht über die Wahl war sehr detailliert. (The report on the election was very detailed.)
  • Die Pressefreiheit ist in einer Demokratie essenziell. (Press freedom is essential in a democracy.)
  • Der Artikel diskutiert die Ethik des Journalismus. (The article discusses the ethics of journalism.)
  • Online-Medien haben die Art und Weise, wie wir Nachrichten konsumieren, verändert. (Online media have changed the way we consume news.)

Congratulations on completing this lesson about journalism and the media in German! Through these 20 phrases, you now have the vocabulary to discuss various aspects of news reporting, media operations, and the ethical considerations of journalism. Understanding these concepts is crucial in today’s information-rich society, where being able to critically engage with media content is more important than ever. Keep practicing these phrases, and don’t hesitate to explore further into the topics that interest you the most. Would you like to continue with another topic in German, or perhaps revisit any of the phrases we’ve learned today?

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