phrases about the words yesterday-today-tomorrow in Romanian

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases about the words “yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” in Romanian is important for several reasons:

  1. Daily Communication: These words are fundamental for daily communication in Romanian. Being able to express and understand the concepts of past, present, and future allows you to effectively discuss daily activities, plans, and events.
  2. Time References: By learning phrases related to yesterday, today, and tomorrow, you can accurately refer to specific points in time. It helps in scheduling appointments, making plans, and coordinating activities with others.
  1. Yesterday was a busy day. | Ieri a fost o zi aglomerată.
  2. I met a friend yesterday. | M-am întâlnit cu un prieten ieri.
  3. Today is a beautiful day. | Astăzi este o zi frumoasă.
  4. What are your plans for today? | Care sunt planurile tale pentru astăzi?
  5. I have a meeting today at 3 PM. | Am o întâlnire astăzi la ora 3.
  6. Tomorrow is my birthday. | Mâine este ziua mea de naștere.
  7. We’re going on a trip tomorrow. | Mâine plecăm într-o excursie.
  8. Let’s meet tomorrow morning. | Să ne întâlnim mâine dimineață.
  9. Yesterday, I went to the park. | Ieri, am mers la parc.
  10. Today, I have to go grocery shopping. | Astăzi, trebuie să merg la cumpărături.
  11. Tomorrow, I will start a new project. | Mâine, voi începe un proiect nou.
  12. What did you do yesterday? | Ce ai făcut ieri?
  13. I have an important appointment today. | Am o programare importantă astăzi.
  14. Tomorrow is the deadline for the report. | Mâine este termenul limită pentru raport.
  15. Yesterday, I cooked a delicious meal. | Ieri, am gătit o masă delicioasă.
  16. Today, I am going to the gym. | Astăzi, merg la sală de sport.
  17. Tomorrow, we have a meeting with the client. | Mâine, avem o întâlnire cu clientul.
  18. Yesterday’s weather was rainy. | Vremea de ieri a fost ploioasă.
  19. I’m excited about today’s event. | Sunt entuziasmat(ă) în legătură cu evenimentul de astăzi.
  20. I will finish the project tomorrow. | Voi finaliza proiectul mâine.

These phrases will help you talk about the concepts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Romanian and engage in conversations about daily activities and plans.