Phrases about drinks in Swedish

Вивчайте шведську

Learning phrases about drinks in Swedish can be useful for several reasons:

  1. Ordering at Cafes and Restaurants: Knowing drink-related phrases in Swedish allows you to confidently order beverages at cafes, restaurants, and bars in Sweden or Swedish-speaking regions. It helps you communicate your preferences and understand the options available.
  2. Social Interactions: Drinks often play a significant role in social gatherings. Learning Swedish phrases related to drinks enables you to participate in conversations, offer or accept drinks, and engage in small talk during social events or while meeting new people.
  1. Can I have a glass of water, please? | Kan jag få ett glas vatten, tack?
  2. I would like a cup of coffee. | Jag skulle vilja ha en kopp kaffe.
  3. Do you have any tea? | Har ni något te?
  4. May I have a glass of milk, please? | Kan jag få ett glas mjölk, tack?
  5. I’ll have a bottle of beer, please. | Jag tar en flaska öl, tack.
  6. Can I get a glass of red/white wine? | Kan jag få ett glas rött/vitt vin?
  7. What flavors of juice do you have? | Vilka smaker av juice har ni?
  8. I’d like a fresh orange juice. | Jag vill ha en färsk apelsinjuice.
  9. Do you have any soft drinks? | Har ni några läskedrycker?
  10. I’ll have a cola, please. | Jag tar en cola, tack.
  11. Could I have a cup of hot chocolate? | Kan jag få en kopp varm choklad?
  12. Do you serve herbal tea? | Serverar ni örtte?
  13. I’d like a sparkling water with lemon, please. | Jag skulle vilja ha en kolsyrad vatten med citron, tack.
  14. Can I get a cappuccino with extra foam? | Kan jag få en cappuccino med extra skum?
  15. May I have a glass of fresh squeezed juice? | Kan jag få ett glas färskpressad juice?
  16. I’ll have a pint of lager, please. | Jag tar en pint lager, tack.
  17. Do you have any iced tea? | Har ni någon iste?
  18. I’d like a mocha with whipped cream. | Jag skulle vilja ha en mocha med vispgrädde.
  19. Can I get a glass of sparkling water, please? | Kan jag få ett glas kolsyrat vatten, tack?
  20. I’ll have a double espresso, please. | Jag tar en dubbel espresso, tack.

These phrases will help you confidently order and inquire about various drinks in Swedish-speaking environments.