Learn the phrases (Asking questions 1) in the Dutch language

Learn the phrases (Asking questions 1)

Dutch Sentence English Translation
Waar kom je vandaan? Where are you from?
Hoe gaat het met je? How are you doing?
Wat is je favoriete kleur? What is your favorite color?
Hoe oud ben je? How old are you?
Wat is je beroep? What is your profession?
Waar woon je? Where do you live?
Heb je huisdieren? Do you have any pets?
Wat is je favoriete eten? What is your favorite food?
Wat zijn je hobby’s? What are your hobbies?
Hoe laat is het? What time is it?
Wat is je telefoonnummer? What is your phone number?
Waar ga je naartoe op vakantie? Where are you going on vacation?
Wat is je favoriete boek? What is your favorite book?
Wat is je lievelingsdier? What is your favorite animal?
Heb je broers of zussen? Do you have any siblings?
Wat is je sterrenbeeld? What is your zodiac sign?
Wat zijn je weekendplannen? What are your plans for the weekend?
Hoe was je dag? How was your day?
Wat is je favoriete film? What is your favorite movie?
Hoe lang ben je al in Nederland? How long have you been in the Netherlands?
Wat is je grootste droom? What is your biggest dream?
Waar werk je? Where do you work?
Heb je allergieën? Do you have any allergies?
Wat is je favoriete muziekgenre? What is your favorite music genre?
Wat vind je leuk om te doen in je vrije tijd? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Hoe heet je beste vriend(in)? What is the name of your best friend?
Wat is je favoriete vakantiebestemming? What is your favorite holiday destination?
Wat is je favoriete seizoen? What is your favorite season?
Heb je een favoriete sport? Do you have a favorite sport?
Wat is je favoriete televisieserie? What is your favorite TV series?
Hoe lang duurt de film? How long is the movie?
Wat is je favoriete restaurant? What is your favorite restaurant?
Hoeveel broers en zussen heb je? How many siblings do you have?
Wat is je schoenmaat? What is your shoe size?
Heb je kinderen? Do you have children?
Wat is je favoriete vak? What is your favorite subject?
Hoeveel talen spreek je? How many languages do you speak?
Wat is je favoriete band? What is your favorite band?
Waar ben je geboren? Where were you born?
Heb je een favoriete kleur? Do you have a favorite color?
Wat is je favoriete gerecht? What is your favorite dish?
Hoeveel uur slaap je per nacht? How many hours do you sleep per night?
Wat is je favoriete sportteam? What is your favorite sports team?
Heb je een rijbewijs? Do you have a driver’s license?
Wat is je favoriete vakantieactiviteit? What is your favorite holiday activity?
Hoeveel keer per week sport je? How many times per week do you exercise?
Wat is je favoriete kledingmerk? What is your favorite clothing brand?
Heb je een favoriete vakantieherinnering? Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
Wat is je favoriete kunstenaar? What is your favorite artist?
Waar ben je opgegroeid? Where did you grow up?
Heb je een favoriet televisieprogramma? Do you have a favorite TV show?
Wat is je favoriete museum? What is your favorite museum?

Practice using these sentences to ask questions and engage in conversations in Dutch!