French phrases about sports

Learn French phrases (sports) with audio

Learning French phrases about sports is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Sports Discussions: Knowing French phrases about sports allows you to engage in conversations about sports with French speakers. Whether it’s discussing favorite teams, matches, or sports events, you can participate and share your opinions and experiences.
  2. Sporting Events: If you attend or watch French sporting events, being familiar with sports phrases in French enhances your experience. You can cheer for teams, understand commentary, and engage in conversations with fellow spectators.
English French
Sports Les sports
Football Le football
Basketball Le basketball
Tennis Le tennis
Swimming La natation
Running La course
Cycling Le cyclisme
Gymnastics La gymnastique
Volleyball Le volleyball
Rugby Le rugby
Golf Le golf
Hockey Le hockey
Skiing Le ski
Snowboarding Le snowboard
Martial arts Les arts martiaux
Athletics L’athlétisme
Team sports Les sports d’équipe
Individual sports Les sports individuels
Score Le score
Referee L’arbitre

These phrases will help you discuss and engage in conversations about sports in French. Whether you’re talking about specific sports, discussing scores, or mentioning your favorite activities, these phrases will allow you to communicate effectively in French.