swimming pool phrases in Dutch

phrases (In the swimming pool) with audio

Learning swimming pool phrases in Dutch can be useful for a variety of reasons, depending on your specific circumstances and goals. Here are a few potential reasons why you might want to learn these phrases:

  1. Travel: If you’re planning on traveling to the Netherlands or other Dutch-speaking countries, learning swimming pool phrases in Dutch can help you communicate more effectively with locals and navigate pool facilities with ease.
  2. Language learning: If you’re learning Dutch as a second language, learning swimming pool phrases can be a useful way to expand your vocabulary and practice using Dutch in a specific context.

Overall, learning swimming pool phrases in Dutch can be a fun and practical way to improve your language skills and engage with Dutch culture.

English Dutch
Pool Zwembad
Swimsuit [responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Zwempak
Goggles Zwembril
Towel Handdoek
Sunscreen Zonnebrandcrème
Diving board Duikplank
Lane Baan
Lap Baantje
Kickboard Plankje
Floaties Zwembandjes
Pool noodle Zwemnoodle
Lifeguard Badmeester
Deep end Diepe kant
Shallow end Ondiepe kant
Water slide Glijbaan
Changing room Kleedkamer
Shower Douche
Whirlpool Bubbelbad
Steam room Stoombad
Sauna Sauna