Phrases to use cleaning the house in Dutch

Phrases to Use (Cleaning the House)

Learning phrases to use while cleaning the house in Dutch can be important for several reasons. Firstly, it can make it easier to communicate with people who speak Dutch when cleaning a shared space, such as a workplace or shared living space.

Secondly, knowing cleaning phrases in Dutch can be essential if you are hiring a cleaning service or working in the cleaning industry in the Netherlands. It can help you understand instructions and communicate with coworkers or customers.

here some Phrases to use cleaning the house in Dutch 

Dutch Phrase English Translation
Waar is de stofzuiger? Where is the vacuum cleaner?
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Ik ga de vloer dweilen. I’m going to mop the floor.
Kan jij de ramen lappen? Can you clean the windows?
Waar zijn de schoonmaakmiddelen? Where are the cleaning supplies?
Ik moet de afwas doen. I need to do the dishes.
Kun jij de keuken schoonmaken? Can you clean the kitchen?
Ik ga de badkamer schoonmaken. I’m going to clean the bathroom.
Heb je een emmer en dweil? Do you have a bucket and mop?
Kan jij de stof afnemen? Can you dust?
Ik ga de wc schoonmaken. I’m going to clean the toilet.
Waar is de vuilniszak? Where is the garbage bag?
Heb je een bezem en stoffer? Do you have a broom and dustpan?
Kan jij de spiegels poetsen? Can you clean the mirrors?
Ik ga de deuren afnemen. I’m going to clean the doors.
Waar zijn de schoonmaakdoekjes? Where are the cleaning cloths?
Kan jij de badkuip schoonmaken? Can you clean the bathtub?
Ik ga de kleding opruimen. I’m going to tidy up the clothes.
Kun je de kussens opschudden? Can you fluff the pillows?
Ik ga het bed opmaken. I’m going to make the bed.
Kan jij de vloer vegen? Can you sweep the floor?