Phrases you use in school in Danish

Phrases you use in school with audio

Learning phrases that you use in school in Danish is important because it helps you to communicate effectively with teachers, classmates, and other staff members in a school environment. Being able to speak and understand Danish in a school setting can also help you to feel more comfortable and confident, especially if Danish is not your first language.

Moreover, learning these phrases can also improve your overall language skills in Danish, as it allows you to practice and expand your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. This, in turn, can help you to communicate more effectively in other areas of your life, both socially and professionally.

Danish English
Godmorgen! Good morning!
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Hvordan har du det? How are you?
Jeg har en spørgsmål. I have a question.
Jeg forstår ikke. I don’t understand.
Kan du gentage det, tak? Can you repeat that, please?
Hvad betyder det? What does that mean?
Må jeg gå på toilettet? May I go to the bathroom?
Må jeg drikke vand? May I drink water?
Hvornår er næste time? When is the next class?
Hvad er lektierne for i dag? What are the homework assignments for today?
Jeg har brug for hjælp. I need help.
Kan du forklare det igen? Can you explain it again?
Tak for hjælpen. Thank you for your help.
Jeg er færdig. I’m done.
Hvad er svaret? What is the answer?
Jeg vil gerne spørge læreren om noget. I would like to ask the teacher something.
Må jeg låne en blyant? May I borrow a pencil?
Hvilken bog skal vi læse? Which book are we supposed to read?
Hvornår er eksamen? When is the exam?
Kan jeg komme forbi efter skole? Can I come by after school?