questions in the past tense in Dutch

Learn Dutch phrases (Questions – Past tense 1

Learning to ask questions in the past tense in Dutch is important for several reasons:

  1. Communicating about past events: Asking questions in the past tense allows you to inquire about specific events or actions that have already taken place. This is important for effective communication in Dutch, especially in professional or academic settings.
  2. Understanding spoken Dutch: Understanding how to form questions in the past tense is essential for comprehending spoken Dutch, as people often talk about past events and activities.
Dutch Sentence English Translation
Waar was je gisterenavond? Where were you last night?
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Wat deed je op je vrije dag? What did you do on your day off?
Hoe laat stond je op vanochtend? What time did you wake up this morning?
Wie belde je gisteren? Who called you yesterday?
Wanneer ging je naar de bioscoop? When did you go to the cinema?
Wat vond je van het concert? What did you think of the concert?
Waarom kon je niet naar het feestje komen? Why couldn’t you come to the party?
Wie won de wedstrijd gisteren? Who won the game yesterday?
Wat at je tijdens het avondeten? What did you eat during dinner?
Hoe lang duurde de vergadering? How long did the meeting last?
Waar gingen jullie op vakantie vorig jaar? Where did you go on vacation last year?
Wat was het leukste dat je deed op je verjaardag? What was the most fun thing you did on your birthday?
Hoe voelde je je na het zien van die film? How did you feel after watching that movie?
Wie hielp je met de verhuizing? Who helped you with the move?
Waarom moest je zo vroeg opstaan vanochtend? Why did you have to wake up so early this morning?
Wat deed je toen je je sleutels verloor? What did you do when you lost your keys?
Hoeveel tijd besteedde je aan het maken van dat project? How much time did you spend on that project?
Waarom wilde je die baan niet? Why didn’t you want that job?
Wie vertelde je dat nieuws? Who told you that news?
Wanneer begon de film? When did the movie start?