Beverages phrases in Dutch

Learn phrases (Beverages) with audio

Learning phrases related to beverages in Dutch could be useful in a variety of situations, such as when traveling to the Netherlands or interacting with Dutch-speaking people in your personal or professional life.

For example, if you are at a cafe or restaurant in the Netherlands, knowing how to order a coffee, tea, or beer in Dutch could make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, if you are in a business setting and need to entertain clients who speak Dutch, knowing how to offer them a drink or ask them what they would like to drink could help build rapport and strengthen relationships.

Dutch English
Koffie, alstublieft. Coffee, please.
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Thee, alstublieft. Tea, please.
Water, alstublieft. Water, please.
Appelsap, alstublieft. Apple juice, please.
Sinaasappelsap, alstublieft. Orange juice, please.
Cola, alstublieft. Cola, please.
Fanta, alstublieft. Fanta, please.
Sprite, alstublieft. Sprite, please.
Bier, alstublieft. Beer, please.
Rode wijn, alstublieft. Red wine, please.
Witte wijn, alstublieft. White wine, please.
Rosé, alstublieft. Rosé, please.
Champagne, alstublieft. Champagne, please.
Cappuccino, alstublieft. Cappuccino, please.
Latte macchiato, alstublieft. Latte macchiato, please.
Espresso, alstublieft. Espresso, please.
Chocolademelk, alstublieft. Hot chocolate, please.
Thee met melk, alstublieft. Tea with milk, please.
Kruidenthee, alstublieft. Herbal tea, please.
Koud biertje, alstublieft. Cold beer, please.