Feelings phrases in Dutch

Phrases (Feelings) with audio

Learning feelings phrases in Dutch is important because it allows you to express your emotions and communicate effectively with others. Here are a few reasons why learning these phrases is important:

  1. To express emotions: Being able to express your emotions in Dutch allows you to communicate your feelings to others, which can help you build stronger relationships and cope with difficult situations.
  2. To understand others’ emotions: Understanding feelings phrases in Dutch can also help you understand others’ emotions better, which can improve your ability to communicate and build empathy.
Dutch English
Blij Happy
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Verdrietig Sad
Boos Angry
Bang Afraid
Gestrest Stressed
Ontspannen Relaxed
Opgewonden Excited
Teleurgesteld Disappointed
Verward Confused
Verbaasd Surprised
Jaloers Jealous
Bezorgd Worried
Opgelucht Relieved
Trots Proud
Beschaamd Embarrassed
Gelukkig Lucky
Dankbaar Grateful
Hopeloos Hopeless
Wanhopig Desperate
Nieuwsgierig Curious

These phrases can be useful for expressing your emotions, understanding others’ emotions, and communicating effectively with others in Dutch. They cover a range of emotions, from happy and sad to stressed and curious.