imperative Phrases in Dutch

Phrases (imperative 1) with audio

Learning imperative phrases in Dutch is important for several reasons:

  1. Enables effective communication: Imperative phrases are used to give commands or directions. By learning imperative phrases in Dutch, you can more effectively communicate your requests and needs to others.
  2. Useful in everyday situations: Imperative phrases are commonly used in everyday situations, such as giving instructions or ordering food in a restaurant. Knowing how to use these phrases will help you navigate daily life in Dutch-speaking countries.
  3. Enhances listening skills: Understanding imperative phrases in Dutch is crucial for understanding spoken Dutch, as native speakers often use these types of phrases in conversation.
Dutch English
Kom binnen Come in
[responsivevoice voice="Danish Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Ga zitten Sit down
Eet smakelijk Enjoy your meal
Doe de deur dicht Close the door
Loop door Keep walking
Praat langzamer Speak slower
Houd op Stop it
Betaal nu Pay now
Geef het hier Give it here
Zet het neer Put it down
Laat me zien Show me
Bel me Call me
Doe het zo Do it like this
Neem een stoel Take a seat
Ga weg Go away
Luister goed Listen carefully
Maak het schoon Clean it
Doe je best Do your best
Lees dit boek Read this book
Volg mij Follow me