Phrases you use in the Kitchen in Dutch

Phrases You Use (in the Kitchen)

Knowing kitchen phrases in Dutch can be helpful in several ways. Firstly, if you live in the Netherlands or are planning to visit, knowing how to communicate in the kitchen can make it easier for you to cook and prepare meals. It can also help you navigate grocery stores and markets by understanding food-related terms and phrases.

Secondly, if you work in the food industry or hospitality, knowing kitchen phrases in Dutch can be essential for communicating with coworkers and customers. It can help you take orders, prepare food, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Dutch Phrase English Translation
Ik ga koken. I’m going to cook.
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Heb je een kookboek? Do you have a cookbook?
Mag ik het recept zien? Can I see the recipe?
Hoeveel suiker moet erin? How much sugar should I put in?
Waar is de snijplank? Where is the cutting board?
Ik moet de groenten wassen. I need to wash the vegetables.
Kan jij de oven voorverwarmen? Can you preheat the oven?
Ik moet de pan schoonmaken. I need to clean the pan.
Zullen we samen koken? Shall we cook together?
Hoe maak ik dit gerecht? How do I make this dish?
We hebben een eetlepel nodig. We need a tablespoon.
Heb je een spatel? Do you have a spatula?
Kun jij de borden opmaken? Can you plate the dishes?
Wanneer moet ik het vlees draaien? When should I flip the meat?
Ik ga de salade maken. I’m going to make the salad.
Waar zijn de kruiden? Where are the spices?
Kan jij de groenten snijden? Can you cut the vegetables?
Ik moet de oven uitzetten. I need to turn off the oven.
Hoeveel zout moet erin? How much salt should I put in?
Kan jij de soep roeren? Can you stir the soup?