Phrases you use in the restaurant in Dutch 2

Phrases you use (in the restaurant - 2 -)

Learning restaurant phrases in Dutch can be a useful skill for anyone who plans on dining out in the Netherlands or in a Dutch-speaking area. Knowing common phrases can help you read the menu, order food and drinks, make special requests or ask about dietary restrictions, and ask for the bill.

Some common restaurant phrases in Dutch include asking to see the menu (“Mag ik de menukaart zien?”), ordering food or drinks (“Ik wil graag … bestellen.”), asking about vegetarian or allergy-friendly options (“Heeft u vegetarische gerechten?” or “Ik ben allergisch voor …”), and asking for the bill (“Mag ik de rekening alstublieft?”).

An apple juice, please.
A lemonade, please.
A tomato juice, please.
I’d like a glass of red wine.
I’d like a glass of white wine.
I’d like a bottle of champagne.
Do you like fish?
Do you like beef?
Do you like pork?
I’d like something without meat.
I’d like some mixed vegetables.
I’d like something that won’t take much time.
Would you like that with rice?
Would you like that with pasta?
Would you like that with potatoes?
That doesn’t taste good.
The food is cold.
I didn’t order this.