phrases you use at home in Dutch

Learn phrases you use (at home)

Learning phrases that you use at home in Dutch can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Communication: If you are living in a Dutch-speaking household, knowing these phrases can help you communicate with your family or roommates more effectively. It can also make it easier for you to understand what others are saying to you.
  2. Cultural immersion: Learning these phrases can help you immerse yourself in the Dutch culture and get a better understanding of the way people in the Netherlands live and interact with each other.
Dutch English
Hallo! Hello!
[responsivevoice voice="Dutch Female" rate="0.8" buttontext="►"]Hoe gaat het? How are you?
Goed, dank je. Good, thank you.
Wat wil je eten vanavond? What do you want to eat tonight?
Heb je honger? Are you hungry?
Ja, ik heb honger. Yes, I’m hungry.
Nee, ik heb geen honger. No, I’m not hungry.
Wil je helpen met koken? Do you want to help with cooking?
Ja, natuurlijk. Yes, of course.
Nee, dank je. No, thank you.
Waar is de afstandsbediening? Where is the remote control?
Kun je de TV aanzetten? Can you turn on the TV?
Ik ga naar bed. I’m going to bed.
Welterusten. Good night.
Kun je me wakker maken om 7 uur? Can you wake me up at 7 o’clock?
Hoe laat is het? What time is it?
Het is half 9. It’s 8:30.
Zullen we een spelletje doen? Shall we play a game?
Ja, leuk idee. Yes, great idea.
Nee, ik ben moe. No, I’m tired.